S.C. BIO-TERRA S.R.L was founded in 2008 and sells cereals, oilseeds and vegetables.
                                   Cereals: wheat, corn, barley, spelt, oat.
                                   Vegetables: protein pea.
                                   Oilseeds: soya beans, sunflowers seeds, rape seeds.
                                   The products are certified by Bio Agri Cert S.R.L.
                                   All products are organic certified.
                                   Exports are made in bulk or big-bags by truck and ships.
                                   We colaborate in a association that has around 7,000 ha in organic.
                                   Street  Matei Basarab, Bl. A3, Sc. A, Ap.3
                                   City: SLOBOZIA
                                   County: IALOMITA
                                   Country: ROMANIA
                                   Phone: 0040 0343 566 030
                                   Contact: STOIAN GHEORGHE
                                   cell phone: 0040 0721 423 296
                                   e-mail: bio_terra2008@yahoo.com